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Friday, December 21, 2007


Welcome to the blog. I was most recently a contributor to the top conservative blog in Virginia – Bearing Drift. I have decided to branch out and start my own blog. Actually, I do have another blog that I hope to be posting on more frequently. It is called Weblog Law and is devoted to discussing the law as it relates to the new frontier of blogging.

Here on I will be sharing my thoughts on important issues in our community and the nation on a variety of topics. I am currently entering my last semester in law school. I hope that I can bring some new insight and invigorate the discussion on law and policy here in Virginia and beyond.

I don’t claim to know everything or even most things. As this is a product and you, the reader, are the consumer, please let me know any ideas you have or ways that I can improve. Feel free to leave a comment or write me at

Thank you and enjoy the posts.

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